Workshop Video Replays


Attendees may keep their videos off for privacy or comfort, and are free to leave at any time. All sessions will be in English. Closed captioning (CC) available via zoom.

For movement practices, I encourage everyone to breathe and move at their own pace. You're invited to take breaks as needed. If there's a pose that hurts or is uncomfortable, you can pause and wait until the next pose. I also offer variations, which are all optional. This is a great fit for people who don't like yoga, find it difficult, or want to go beyond society's expectations of yoga & the body.

Transparency about pricing: It is imperative that people, especially BIWOC healers, are paid fairly for their labor. Yet we also acknowledge the importance of financial accessibility. Thus, we’re offering sliding scale fees. This means we invite folks who are struggling financially to pay less and those on the other end to pay more. This is a type of community care. Please contribute more if you can.

Please email me at for questions and accessibility needs.

Past Workshops