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Jessica Tsae-Ni Lin (she/they) is a queer, disabled, and first generation Taiwanese Chinese American with over 15 years' experience in holistic health. She speaks passionately on topics such as LGBTQ+ mental health, decolonized yoga in the modern world, self-care to prevent burnout, and more. Her workshops and panel contributions would best be described as interactive and engaging. Jessica creates such inviting and safe spaces that up to 100% of participants speak up vulnerably during workshops and events.



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  • “We were so thrilled to have Jessica speak. She did a great job of making sure the people participating in this session took time to actually practice wellness in the moment through guided meditation, journaling, and community building via sharing. It was also important to us that she centered decolonization and body positivity. The feedback from the session was overwhelmingly positive, with people indicating how much it assisted them in taking a needed break in the moment and also engaging in conversations around how to sustain their wellness. The approach of allowing participants to share all feelings, even those that might be negative, about the activities was also very beneficial. This allowed employees to be honest about how hard it is to take a break like this during the day, which led to an open conversation on shifting cultural norms.”

- Kelleen Maluski, Librarian | Health Sciences Library & Informatics Center, University of New Mexico

  • “In being part of her facilitation for the Asian Mental Health Project and through taking her yoga class, I am stunned by how comforting and affirming it is to work with Jessica. Jessica brings such a profound and empathetic perspective through her work. She taught me ways to love and care for my body that I never even thought possible.”

- Carrie Zhang, Founder | Asian Mental Health Project 501(c)(3) nonprofit

  • “Jessica’s anti-racism workshop provided Alpha Pi Phi’s Iota chapter with a grounding, vulnerable, and enlightening experience. The workshop’s organization was intentional and effective; beginning with breath work and a meditation before leading into journaling and lecturing allowed us to exhale the day and be prepared to sit with our discomfort. Jessica both refused to shy away from important discussions while also giving space for growth and learning. Our sorority is so grateful for the time we spent with her!”

- Aly Apeles, Iota Chapter Diversity & Inclusion Chair | Alpha Pi Phi at Gonzaga University


  • “I finally feel like I can breathe! I’ve become so much more self-aware and better at communicating with my team. In my time consulting with Jessica, she's gone above and beyond all my expectations, checking in with me and really helping me organize the otherwise chaotic mess that is my film schedule. She's been so encouraging and supportive throughout, and I was able to see drastic changes in my organization within just a few weeks of consulting with her. I honestly can't wait for the further growth that lies ahead! She really puts in the effort to add as much value to each session, I recommend her to any entrepreneurs/creatives who want to reach the next level.”

- Josiah Yu, Film Director | Do Yu Productions

  • “Jessica did an audit of my website to help me optimize it for accessibility, marketing, and general brand alignment. I loved how thorough Jess was, while also being loving and compassionate throughout the process. I felt safe, comforted, and grateful for the feedback I received. By implementing Jess’ recommendations, I feel that my website is much more clear, organized, and accessible for users, which supports my values and business reach. If you’re looking for someone who looks at the big picture while also being detail-oriented with a lot of kindness, Jess can support you!”

- Nisha M., Feminist Healing Coach & Writer | Healing Hype Girl LLC

  • “I run a support group for survivors of assault and abuse. Jess has been extremely helpful in transitioning from in-person meetings to online meetings during COVID. She gave me encouragement and practical advice on all aspects of effective social media engagement, especially Instagram. She also provided valuable insights about attendance, timing, structure, costs, sustainability and outreach. I'd recommend Jess to anyone looking for help managing a freelance business or independent project. She has a keen understanding of the challenges of self-employed, creative, and healing work, and she is genuinely invested in promoting other queer women of color.”

- Anonymous, Founder & CEO | Survivor Arts


  • “Jess creates such a warm and inclusive energy in her classes that makes beginners feel at home. You do not need to be an expert nor have great flexibility to enjoy Jess’s workshops. She leads with an open mind and touches on all stages of yoga. Her holistic approach helped me to relax, listen to my body, and practice better mindfulness. My favorite thing about Jess is that she places a special emphasis on community during her classes. She creates a safe space for everyone to open up and share their thoughts and reflections on the practice. If you have an injury, or are facing a bad mental health day, Jess will accommodate and make sure that the class adjusts to your individual needs. Jess really proved to me that yoga is for everyone!”

- Emma A., Software Engineer | Intuit

  • “The yoga session was very relaxing and calm. Since the session was smaller than usual classes it allowed the instructor to cater more to the needs of everyone. I really enjoyed where she had us talk about ourselves and opening up emotionally. She made us all feel comfortable enough to where we could open up and the vibes were so honest and friendly that I felt good about trying to connect with anyone in my yoga class. She was open to any suggestions we had. I will be coming back for sure.”

- Eduardo A., Scientist | Cal Poly Pomona

  • “I am so happy I found Jessica, after months and months of trying to find any form of therapy through my insurance (with no success) I finally took matters into my own hands and signed up for her mindfulness workshop. I was very nervous because after working as a covid Registered nurse my social anxiety was at its peak and meeting new people outside of work made my heart race. The way Jessica led the workshop was so calming and inclusive of everyone warmed my heart and reminded me that there are still plenty of people who genuinely want to help others. I had never tried any form of yoga and did not have any background information and I LOVED how she taught the entirety of yoga and not just the poses! I also loved being able to hear from others who are currently struggling with this pandemic, reminding me we aren’t alone. I have attended other groups provided by insurance and those tend to be a long lecture, I much prefer Jess’s workshops which are open and provide great info without feeling like someone is talking down to you. Thank you for all the effort you put in."

- Edith S., Registered Nurse

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