With over 15 years' experience in holistic health, Jessica Lin (she/they) is an internationally recognized leader in the wellness industry. She is a certified yoga teacher and teaches with an emphasis on mental health and decolonization. Folks from all walks of life and different body types/abilities find her thoughtful and safer spaces a breath of fresh air. Even the most introverted individual feels at home and willing to participate.

Corporations, nonprofits, individuals, and schools invite her to speak on panel talks, fireside chats, and workshop facilitations. Her work portfolio includes Twitter, Asian Mental Health Project, Salem College, and Alameda County Crisis Support Services, to name a few. Media-wise, she has been featured on industry-leading yoga teacher Dianne Bondy's podcast; online magazine The Universal Asian; Black-owned small business Nude Barre backed by Serena Williams; and more. In her free time, Jessica enjoys hiking, making zines, and photographing cats in her neighborhood.

In-Person Workshops

Connect with Nature: Foraging, Gardening, & Eating Plants

Join us for this outdoor, hands-on workshop about how to forage, garden, and cultivate your relationship with nature. You'll learn to identify edible plants in nature and sample fruits, vegetables, herbs and (nonalcoholic) homemade drinks. Offered in Los Angeles on Saturdays 2-4 PM and Sundays 4-6 PM, with additional dates available upon request. Autumn 2022 dates are up!

Coaching & Public Speaking

1:1 Private Coaching

Looking for more tailored support specific to your needs, goals, and expectations? Book a private, one-on-one session that works with your schedule! If we decide it's a mutually good fit after the first session, you'll receive an invitation to book weekly sessions for long-term support.

Public Speaking

Interactive and engaging, Jessica's public speaking is a popular choice for fireside chats, panel talks, workshops, classes, and more! With a focus on holistic health, topics range from work/life balance, to LGBTQ+ education, and DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion). From C-suite executives to undergraduate students, everyone leaves these spaces feeling inspired and empowered.

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